Support my research?

My PhD Research is expensive! The culture system itself cost me over $7,000 (USD). Although I secured funding for the RNA research portion of my work. I've had to spend my own money on the tank itself. Unfortunately, my savings is running out and I could really use your help. Thank you so much for showing an interest in my work.

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Why did I decide to use my own money to fund some of this work?

  1. I've been and am personally driven to study corals because I want to contribute to their survival and well-being. I want to see reefs restored so my children can get a glimpse of what I saw as a child!
  2. I want to challenge myself to learn new techniques applicable to my career and to the understanding of coral organisms (e.g. RNA sequencing). 
  3. I want to create something of lasting importance at my university. For example, this tropical culture system didn't exist at my university until I started building it. Once I graduate, it will be available to other students interested in this research. 
  4. I want to make opportunities for undergraduates to assist me in my studies and get excited about coral research. So far, this coral system and my research has already given opportunities to 5 undergraduate students majoring in computer science, biology, and environmental studies. I'm happiest when I work with a team and take on the role of a mentor. 

Why would you donate?

Your reasons for supporting my research might be as simple as supporting a friend, supporting a dream, or being a part of something different/new! Or maybe you just want to name a coral in my tank?! Hahaha, that is definitely an option!!